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Flexystruder Tool Head

$ 279.95


Turn your TAZ 3D printer into a flexible 3D printing filament wonder! The Flexystruder enables your 3D printer to print with many types of flexible materials, including NinjaFlex. You can see a Flexystruder in action in the videos at the bottom of this product description.

Flexible materials open up a new range of uses for 3D printing, such as: cell phone cases, hinges, stretchable jewelry, and impact and vibration dampening. The Flexystruder is optimized to print these materials because the filament passes through a constrained feed kept in place by a hobbed bolt.

Thanks to TAZ's modular carriage design, installing the Flexystruder only takes a few short steps. And like all products made by Aleph Objects, Inc., the Flexystruder is Libre / Open Source Hardware! This means you are free to view the source files and make your own modifications to the part.

Read Make Magazine's Flexystruder Review: "(Swapping the tool head) is one single screw and 3 wire plugs to switch heads. I did not calibrate my FlexyStruder as you’re supposed to, I was curious to see how it would print without me fiddling with it. After the first print, I decided that I didn’t want to calibrate it as the print quality was fantastic." Read the full LulzBot Flexystruder review here.

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